Video Tape Owl

Originally posted on my old site: 25/09 1998

My husband was cleaning the video tape drawer and was going to throw out old ones. That made me think of ways to recycle the tapes.

I found a leftover roll of drawer liners. I made to underside of the tape the top. The flap over the tape is hidden under the checkered drawer liner that I glued on with a glue gun. But first I drilled 2 small holes in the back and threaded a thread through so it could be hung on the wall or stood on a shelf.

From my water filtering cartridges I had saved the sealer rings. They made ideal eyes. The pupils are the round black feet that were supposed to go on a audio tape case and never did.

Centered between the eyes there was a small hole on the tape case and I glued a nose/beak on that. I used a piece of tubing that was about 1 inch long.

video tape owl


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