2020 Dodecahedron Cube Calendars Are Ready!

2020 Dodecahedron Cube Calendars Are Ready!

Dodecahedron Cube Calendar
Dodecahedron Cube Calendar

Create your own 12 sided Dodecahedron Cube Calendar. Just print the design on heavy paper, cut it out and glue together.

I create these every year and always get more requests and email asking if the ones for the upcoming year are ready. Yes, they are ready now.

These calendars make great holiday gifts!

Calendar Download Instructions

  • Check out this year’s design images and go to the text link below to download the PDF file.
  • The PDF file is formatted to print on 8.5×11 inch card stock paper. If you use A4 paper, the cube will be a little smaller.

How to Print & Assemble the Calendar

2020 Calendar Designs

  • The finished calendar is about 3 inches
  • Use card thickness paper not office paper to print on
  • The template is created to print to fit to a page on US lettersize or A4 paper. A4 paper calendars will be a little smaller than those printed on US lettersize paper due to the fact that the paper is narrower.
  • Here are the instructions on how to assemble the calendar

Download the PDF File

Click on the Name Link below and the PDF file will open in a new window. Right click on the file to download it.

Thank you for downloading the calendar.
Please share the page with your friends and on Social Media.

For questions and inquiries use this contact link


  1. Patti

    OMGosh, I love these so much! Made them every year for several years. Now people ask for them and hope I will make them for the new year. THANK YOU for making these every year. You are making a lot of people happy!

  2. Pat

    Thank you so very much for these wonderful cube calendars. I made these a few years back and have not been able to find after that. I love them and make for gifts. I almost did a dance when I found your website (thank you Google. The best to you and yours this blessed Christmas season.

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