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The Canadian Maritimes


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Marlies and I was born on February 3/1953 in Switzerland. I currently live in Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a mother of 3 and have been interested in creative arts as long as I can remember.

learning to knit at age 6

learning to knit at age 6

I watched other people do things and then went home and tried them myself. Lucky for me, the Swiss school system worked to my advantage. In Grade 1 we were taught to knit and crochet and then went on to embroidery and sewing. Until Grade 6 we had to do all our sewing by hand and then we were taught to use a sewing machine. I remember to this day when I was around 5, my dad and I were using my mother’s sewing machine. We had threaded it with red thread and were sewing postcards. Somehow one of my fingers got included with the postcard and the needle sewed right over and through it. I believe my father almost fainted, but all I remember is the blood and my mother getting upset.

I’ve always made my crafts on a shoestring budget and get great pleasure out of creating something beautiful from what other people consider ‘worthless’. I guess being left handed and an Aquarius helped a lot with approaching life and things in an unorthodox way.

For Christmas 1987 we bought our first computer. The kids wanted a Nintendo, but I felt that a computer would offer us more. So I learned to use a computer, and my knowledge has increased as computers grew and developed. Today I am quite comfortable looking ‘under the hood’ so to speak of the computer.

Next I discovered graphic programs and was finally able to create what I always could visualize. As a kid in school, I always found art class frustrating as I could see in my minds eye what I wanted to draw, but my final result was always disappointingly different. The computer has eliminated this completely. I just love to create my own graphics.

Eventually I have found a way to ‘marry’ my computer skills with my craft ideas and they are seamlessly joined.


  1. I tried to download the 2017 monitor calendar strips and nothing loaded when I gave my email address. Any suggestions?

  2. Marlies – Happy New Year! I love your calendar strips! I tried numerous times to download your vertical strip but all I get is an image a computer monitor with a swirly that looks like it wants to take me to another page, but does not.

    thanks so much!

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