Box Made From Audio Tape Cases

I found a box full of empty audio tape covers and was trying to figure out what to do. Then one day inspiration struck and these are the result of my experimentations.

Even though this is not my first creation it is the one that shows best how I did it. My youngest daughter likes 2Pac and wanted a way to display the pictures in a useful way.

2pac box


  • 3 clear audio tape cases
  • foamcore board
  • card stock
  • pictures
  • glue or silicon caulking
2pac box inside view
inside view
  • First decide on the pictures you are going to use. You can create a collage or just one picture per case. I placed picture both on the inside and outside of the box. That means I had to print 6 pictures. I measured the size of the case and then created the collage in my graphic program and then printed it to size.
  • If you want a triangular picture on the top and in the bottom of the box use the template you created in the step below as template and create it in your graphics program.
  • Create yourself a template for the bottom and top of the box by aligning the 3 cases in a triangle on a sheet of scrap paper. Trace around them with a pencil and cut out. If you want rounded corners use a penny.
  • Once the pictures are printed I cut them out. The part of the case that opens is on the inside of the box and the opening is on the bottom.
  • Place the outside facing picture inside the case and cut a strip of foamcore board the width of the case and place it behind the pictures to stablize it. Make sure the strip fits snug. Then close the case. Repeat with the other 2 cases.
  • If you want a picture in the bottom of the box glue it to the bottom and then align the 3 cases in a triangle on the bottom piece of foamcore board and glue them in place. The whole assembly is still quite wobbly as the sides are not glued yet. That is your next step. Use clear drying glue or silicon chaulking as glue to keep the triangle together. This is only important for this project as everything is visible.
  • Now you want some picture on the inside of the box also. Rather than placing them inside the tape cases print them on a separate piece of card stock. It can be one long piece or 3 separate pieces that are pieced together and glue them to the inside of the box. This also helps stablize the box. Have a closer look at the middle picture. Click on it it will enlarge for you.
2pac box bottom
inside bottom

Lid Assembly

  • For the lid cut a second triangle about ΒΌ inch smaller than the opening of the box. This will keep it in place. Decorate it if you want with another picture and glue it to the larger triangle.
  • Glue the lid picture on the top side of the triangle.
  • Paint the formcore board sides if you want to, or leave them the way they are.

That’s it.

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