Cheese Box Masks

cheesebox After creating my big mask 1 and mask 2 I felt drawn to creating more masks. This time my attention was drawn to the small round boxes from the cheese triangles. I had saved them with the idea that someday they would be useful. Well, that day has arrived.

  • I only used the bottom of the container as the top has a piece of paper (label) glued to it and that often has wrinkles in it and I wanted a smooth surface.
  • After base coating the bottom, I used a penny to draw a circle for the eyes. Then I looked through my various stencils and used bits and pieces of those to create the face. The finishing touch was the use of dimensional fabric paint to accent the mask.

Next I have been exploring other means of coating the card board. Instead of paint and I used different beans. At the local bulk store I selected the beans by the colors.

  • I quickly drew the eyes and the nose and the mouth on the basecoated lid of the box (this time the lid was the perfect medium as the beans were covering up the wrinkled label) and heated up the glue gun and set to work gluing individual beans in their places. When done I used fabric paint to outline the gaps to give a mosaic look. To finish it I put a couple coats of gloss varnish on.
  • For the frame I used wood corners. Instead of putting the frame together the usual way, I reversed it, so that the ‘usual top’ is now on the bottom and the mitred corners point outward rather than inward. I attached a small eyescrew to the top corner and then suspended the mask with nylon fishing line.


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