Christmas Angel Ornament

Christmas Angel Ornament

red angel girl - front
red angel girl – front

After playing around with my mini dolls I got the idea to turn them into little angels. By reducing the size of the original pattern I ended up with angels that are about 4 1/4 inches tall and fit nicely into an envelope. So with my Christmas cards there is an angel for the tree included this year.


  • Cardboard for pattern
  • Wings Fabric (I found old white vertical blinds and decided to keep them for crafting)
  • Body Paper, Fabric, Fun Foam, Contact Paper, Tinfoil
  • Clothes Paper, Fabric, Contact Paper, Tinfoil Glue, glue gun, fusible web or stick and hold
  • Fabric paint
  • Fishing line

General Instructions

  • Print the angel ornament pattern on heavy paper or card stock. I set my printer to print the page at 100% size of the pattern. This will make the angel about 4 1/4 inches tall. If you change the way you print the pattern it will either be larger or smaller, but the clothes will always fit the body.
  • Cut out the pieces. There is the body part, the wings, hair for a boy, hair for a girl (long and short), a dress for the girl and pants and a top for the boy.
  • There are also two finished angels on the pattern, a boy and a girl angel that also be colored in.

Now you have to decide on the material you are going to use to make your angel ornament.

Gathering the Pieces

  • Trace the body twice (a front and back). You don’t have to reverse the pattern as it is symmetrical. I also found that the gel pens work quite well for this purpose especially on fabric. Cut out inside of traced lines.
  • Trace the dress for the front of the angel. Now you have to reverse/flip the pattern for the back of the dress so that the two match when put together.
  • Trace the hair twice. On the front piece mark the full pattern so that there is an opening for the face. The back is just the pattern without the face cut out.
  • Trace the wings twice. I use two different colors. The front is white and the back matches the color of the dress for girl or top for boy.

Putting it Together

I used the glue gun and stick and hold to put the angel together. I imagine that fusible web would also work.

angel boy
  • Glue or fuse the two body parts together.
  • Run a bed of glue along the neckline of the dress and press onto the body.
  • Lift dress and run a bead of glue diagonally down to the middle of each leg and press dress down.
  • Turn angel over and repeat on back.
  • Now lift the front of the dress/shirt/pants and run a bead of glue along the edge of the bottom piece and the press the two pieces together.
  • If you are making a boy angel start with the top and then the pants. Flip angel over and repeat on back.
  • Now look at your angel and decide which side you want to be the front as the next step is to glue on the hair.
  • Place a dot of glue at the top of the head and center the hair so that it extends slightly above and the sides of the head. Run a bead of glue down the sides of the head and press.
  • Flip angel over and run a bead of glue along the edge of the hair and place the back of the hair on top and press the two edges together.
  • Glue the two wing pieces together.
  • Place angel onto wings and pick up gently and flip so that the angel is on the bottom and the wings on top.
  • Glue wings to angel.
  • With fabric glue make two dots for eyes and a small line for the mouth.
  • Take about 4 inches of fishing line and tie a knot. Thread loop part in a needle and stitch through top of head, remove needle. Take the part with the knot and put through the loop and pull. You now can hang up your angel on the Christmas Tree.

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