Clothes Pin Wishing Well

One day while browsing through a craft magazine I saw that somebody used clothes pins to cover the outside of a container. That gave me the idea to make miniature wishing wells.

clothes pin wishing well
clothes pin wishing well


  • clothes pins
  • small containers, shaving foam or hairspray lids
  • glue gun
  • craft wire
  • flower foam
  • fake flowers
  • fake leaves


clothes pin wishing well with many leaves
clothes pin wishing well with many leaves
  • Start heating up your glue gun
  • Take off all metal parts the clothes pins.
  • Glue the pins on the outside of the container.
  • There are two directions the pins can be attached. Either with the tapered ends toward the top, or on the bottom. It is all a matter of preference or your mood at the time of creation.
  • Glue 2 clothes pins to the inside of the container to create a support for a top “beam”.
    Alternatively, glueing a few clothes pins together side by side and then glueing the two slabs gives you a roof.
  • As the clothes pins have nice indentations, use craft wire and tightened it around the pins. Just twist the ends together and then push the twisted ends flat againt the clothes pins.
  • The flowers have to be put into the wells before the roof or the top goes on or it is very difficult to do later.
    put some flower foam inside the container

clothes pins pointing up
clothes pins pointing up

clothes pins pointing down
clothes pins pointing down

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