Computer Nerd Glass Jar Room Box

Computer Nerd Glass Jar Room Box

computer jar room box

After making the floppy disk room box while washing dishes I had an idea of using an empty jar to make micro room box. My jar has a diameter of 3½ inches and is about 4 inches tall. My figure and furniture is about 1/24 of human scale.

How I made it

  • In an Ikea catalog I found the desk I was looking for.
  • I scanned it and reduced it in my graphics program and made it look like wood.
  • I did the same with the chair.
  • Then I printed it out on light cardboard paper and cut it out and laminated the desktop.
  • I left the chair the way it was.
  • Next I glued the pieces onto thicker cardboard.
  • For the legs I used round toothpicks.
  • The desk’s legs are 1-inch tall and I used some triangular bead with a larger hole to stabilize the legs.
  • The chair’s legs are ¾-inch tall.
  • For the computer I used the design on Jim’s Printable Minis page .
  • The mouse pad is a piece of blue craft paper and the mouse is a 1/8-inch hole punch from white craft foam.
  • I was trying to figure out what to use for the floor. So I went on search and ended up at a marble site used the pattern I found there. I also laminated the top of the floor to make it look all shiny. The floor is a 2½-inch circle.
  • To give me more wall space I decided to place the desk in a corner and have a wall. As this is for my son who has just returned from New York after living there for 2 years I thought it would be neat to have that as the view.
  • On the outside I used French Posters that my son likes.
  • Next I had to create some figure to sit at the computer. I used a chenille stem as the armature.
  • To raise the whole scene I cut a 1½-inch ring from a cardboard tube and covered it with black felt and then wrote the name of the scene on a piece of paper and glued it around it.

Here are the instructions for the figure

originally posted on 2002/6/02



    I like that the calendar begins on Sunday. Guess I’m old. I have gotten into trouble with the ones that start on Monday because I am so used to those that start on Sunday. I love the cube calendars and would even be willing to pay a small amount for the templates if it comes to that.

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