Homemade Envelopes from a Square Template

Homemade Envelopes from a Square Template

finished envelope
finished envelope

Make your own recycled envelopes from calendars or magazine pages from a 8.5 inches square pieces of paper.

I was making some envelopes when I realized that I could do it much easier without a lot of calculations and depending on the original picture size I could make a perfect envelope just about any time.

Revised Simple Envelope Making Instructions

  • To make an envelope for a quarter folded piece of paper the square should be about 8.5 inches square, but you can get away with a smaller square down to around 7.5 inches, then after that the envelope will be too small.
  • The top and bottom corners are folded up about 30% or just under a third of the length of the paper on the diagonal.
  • The left and right side corners are folded in about 22% or just under a quarter of the width of the paper.
  • Cut your picture square, picture side up.
  • Rotate your square so that it is on the diagonal and decide which way is going to be the top of the envelope and the bottom.
  • Turn picture over so that backside is up
env_picture env_picture_diagonal
  • Take bottom corner and fold it up one third of the way towards the top point and crease it.
  • Now fold in the left and right corners, overlapping the just upturned part about ½ inch and crease. Now you have the width of the envelope.
  • All that is left is to fold down the top corner about ½ inch overlapping the sides and crease it to finish the envelope and give it the height.
env_fold1 env_fold2
env_fold3 env_fold4
  • Open the just folded envelope and you will see the crease lines.
  • Now fold in the left and right corners first this time.
  • Then fold up the bottom and cut off the tip that’s too long to be even with the sides.
  • Open the bottom fold up again and apply a thin line of glue at the edge and fold back up and press.
  • Your envelope is now finished.
env_fold5 env_fold6



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