Fabric Covered Cardboard Mini Doll

Fabric Covered Cardboard Mini Doll

fabric covered cardboard mini doll
fabric covered cardboard mini doll

I am always one to experiment with whatever I am working on. This is another doll in my mini doll hug series.

I wanted to see what would happen if I did not sew the pattern pieces together, but covered cardboard pieces with fabric and quilt batting and then assembled them. This doll is the result and below is how I did  it.


  • For this doll I changed the pattern to have the arms point downward.
  • I printed it again at 60% reduction.
  • I printed each piece on cardboard stock twice and cut out the individual pieces: arms, legs, body and head.
  • Then I took some flesh colored fabric I had and cut it out about 1/4 inch larger all around than the pattern piece.
  • I ran a running stitch around the edge of the fabric and then cut 2 layers of thin quilt batting to the pattern size.
  • Now I placed the quilt batting on top of the cardboard piece and covered that with the fabric and then pulled the thread tight and tied it in a knot.
  • Each piece is now covered on the front with fabric.
  • The next step was to cut 5 small strips of fabric and sew it to the inside of two of the four arm and leg pieces and between the 2 head pieces. This would give the dolls some mobility.
  • Next I glued the matching pieces together. It didn’t look very sturdy, so I just sewed them together.
  • Well, the doll kind of looks unique, but that’s about it.



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