From Car Seat Cover to Wall Hanging

wall hanging from beads
wall hanging from beads
We had bought those bead car seat covers, but they did not last very long and started to fall apart. There were constantly loose beads in the car. So I packed it way in a bag for future use.

  • One day I had this great idea. I disasembled the whole thing and sorted the beads according to color. Then I sat down on the floor and laid out the beads in a pleasing pattern. Once I liked it, I threaded the beads on string and attached a round curtain ring at one end.
  • Then I strung the individual strands on a curtain road which I have hung up on my suspended ceiling and now I have a beautiful wallhanging/room divider.
  • I created this in 1998 and now that I have moved to a different house, it is hanging on a wall.


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