Hairpin Star Ornament

Hairpin Star Ornament

star made with hairpins
star made with hairpins

After my son’s wedding I still had all those hairpins from when they pinned up my hair. What am I going to do with them? Then inspiration struck. I discovered that plastic pony beads fit on them and my star ornament was born.


  • 12 hairpins with bumps on the open side
  • 72 plastic pony beads (6 per hair pin)
  • 1 yard or 1m coated thin wire to string the hairpins together
  • plyers
  • 2 buttons (optional)


  • Decide on the color scheme for your star and select the beads.
    I chose to go with reds and pinks. The order you combine them is totally up to you.
  • Push the beads on the hairpin starting at the closed end.
    If the beads don’t want to slide on you will have to use the plyers and squeeze the hairpin opening shut a bit. The bead should now slide on.
  • Repeat with each pin until they are all covered with beads.
  • Thread all the hairpins on a piece of wire I used black floral wire that was covered with a thread.

    hairpin star segments
    hairpin star segments
  • Slide the beads about 10 inches (25cm) from one and across the wires so that you have now a circle.
    I found that the circle wasn’t very stable and started to wrap the long piece of wire around the hairpins in this way: over the hairpin, behind the hairpin, to the front and then under the wire that created the circle. I repeated that step for each hairpin.
  • When I had completed the circle I tied a knot.
  • If you find the center of the star too empty, find 2 buttons and tie them to the front and back of the star.
  • By this time the thread around the wire had started to unravel, so I just cut of the wire and used the thread to hang the star.


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