Homemade Sun Visors

Homemade Sun Visors

I first created these sun visors in July 2005. Then later on I saw some in the mall that used curly shoe laces, fun foam and fabric. I thought I could make that these myself and then came across this website which had the pattern for the visor: http://www.lifetoolsforwomen.com/f/teen-daughter-crafts.htm and now I was set to create my own.

asian theme collage printed on mousepad paper
asian theme collage printed on mousepad paper

Materials Needed

  • Piece of Fun Foam (8.5×11 inches makes 2 visors, 8.5×5.5 inches makes 1 visor)
  • Curly shoe laces (1 lace per visor)
  • Fabric, graphic printed on fabric, leather or fun foam cut-outs
  • ¼ inch hole punch
  • Letter size piece of paper to print out template
visor pattern
visor pattern


  • Save the pattern to your computer and print it out, this is going to be your template for the fun foam. I used cardboard thickness paper to make a sturdy template.
  • Place cut-out template on fun foam and cut out
  • Place marks for the holes for the curly shoelace
  • Now make a second template that is about ¼ inch larger than the original template. You will use this for the fabric or material you are going to use to cover the fun foam.
  • Glue embellishments on the fun foam or fabric you want to be your front
  • Thread curly shoelace through the holes
underside of visor
underside of visor with curly shoelace

Assembly Notes

  • If you use a graphic as a cover copy the pattern in your graphic’s program and enlarge it by about ¼ inch all around so that it will be bigger when printed and easier to place it on the fun foam.
    It is easier to center front cover on the visor when your cover is larger than the template and then trim it back.
  • For my first visor I used mouse-pad paper that was self-adhesive. I created a graphic or used one I already had and transferred it to the enlarged visor template.
  • For the visor with the striped design I used leather on the right. I used white glue to attach the leather to the fun foam.
  • You can also create your own fabric by printing the design on fabric. Here are the instructions on how to do that.
  • The important part when going this route is to use a spray varnish after printing the design to coat the fabric and prevent the inks from running when exposed to water. After I am done I coat it again with another layer of varnish, but this time I will brush it on.
  • I also tried to use the iron on plastic cover, but it didn’t work to well.

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