Knitted Fingerless Computer Gloves

red and blue fingerless gloves
red and blue fingerless gloves
I came across this link for fingerless computer gloves and now it makes sense why I had been drawn to them in the past few months. Now this link provided the info. Vicki said that she uses them when it gets cold. That was the info I had been waiting for. My hubby has really bad arthritis in his fingers and once they get cold he has a hard time warming them up. I have tried all different kinds of things, but without success. So I knitted him a pair to try out so he could put them on when he feels his fingers getting cold and that might do the trick. Well, it did and he’s very happy. He says he can use the computer without problem and he can even play the guitar.

I made a few changes to the provided pattern. As hubby has just about the same hand size I have have I did not have to make the pattern larger. I ended up making 2 pairs so he has one by the computer and one where he watches TV and plays the guitar. I call them his hand warmers.

For the first pair I just used some wool I had lying around and the gauge was identical to the one provided for the pattern (4.5 stitches/8 rows = 1 inch)

For the red pair I bought a 50 g ball of yarn and probably could have made 2 pairs with it.

Instructions for My Version

  • cast on 36 stitches divided over 3 needles (12 stitches per needle)
  • close to a circle
  • knit 10 rows 1 knit 1 purl
  • knit 9 rows in knit stitch
  • increase for thumb
    • knit the first 5 stitches on the needle
    • increase 1 stitch
    • knit 2 stitches
    • increase 1 stitch
    • knit to end of row
    • knit the first 6 stitches on the needle
    • increase 1 stitch
    • knit 2 stitches
    • increase 1 stitch
    • knit to end of row
    • you have now 40 stitches (first needle has 16 stitches, the other two 12 stitches each)
  • knit 5 rows in knit stitch
  • for the next three rows
  • knit 2 stitches in knit stitch and then 1 knit 1 purl for 12 stitches finish needles with 2 knit stitches (this gives the thumb a ribbed cuff like at the wrist and at the hand)
  • casting off thumb
    • knit 3 stitches
    • cast off 10 stitches
    • knit rest of row
  • for the next 6 rows
  • knit 1 knit 1 purl (knit the 6 stitches on the first needle, make sure to keep tension between the first 3 and next set of three)
  • loosely cast off all the stitches
  • weave in the yarn ends


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