Painting with Polymer Clay – Leprechaun

Painting with Polymer Clay – Leprechaun

I made this a long time ago in 2002, my how time flies.

My son loves the Irish accent and always say ‘O, me lucky charms’. So one day I decided to create a CD with a leprechaun, a rainbow, pot of gold and my son’s saying.It was quite easy to put the whole thing together.

painting with polymer clay - leprechaun
  • I used Granitex clay for the background
  • Created a rainbow with the proper colors
  • Made a half pot and filled it with gold
  • For the leprechaun I used a template I had for a body and dressed it in green clothes and gave it red hair (clay run through the small cutting setting on the pasta machine)
  • For the saying I used another piece of Granitex clay and wrote the words on it with a stylus and stuck it on to the CD and pressed a design into the edges and backed it.

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