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Painting With Polymer Clay On CD – Cat

Polymer Clay Painting on CD - Phoenix the cat

Polymer Clay Painting on CD – Phoenix the cat

My daughter once sent me a photo of her cat and I traced it in my graphics program and now decided to use that for my polymer clay painting. I think this is one cool looking cat.

  • I printed out the design, cut it out and glued onto CD.
  • First I outlined the the cat with thin strips
  • Then I filled in the background
  • And last the border
  • To make sure the canes and the clay made good contact I covered the design with waxpaper and then used a rolling pin and press down lightly.
  • Then I baked the CD and let it cool
  • Now it was time to varnish it with waterbased Flecto Varathane varnish and bake it again.


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