Painting With Polymer Clay on CD – Chinese Symbol

Painting with polymer clay on CD - Courage Symbol
Painting with polymer clay on CD – Courage Symbol

Now I was really into using polymer clay and started to make all kinds of canes. But what to do with them? I came across a cool design of the Chinese symbol for Courage and a design of stone steps. So I combined the 2 in my graphics program.

  • I printed out the design, cut it out and glued onto CD.
  • Next I sliced the bullseye cane into thin slices and placed them on to the design on the CD.
  • Next I sliced the green cane and filled in the lower half of the CD. Between the stepping stones I had to cut the cane slices in half.
  • On the sky portion I used my basket weave cane and left a gap where the Chinese symbol was to go. I discovered that it was easier to place the black pieces into the gaps rather than put them on the CD first. They tended to get buried by the sky.
  • To make sure the canes made good contact I covered the design with waxpaper and then used a rolling pin and press down lightly.
  • Then I baked the CD and let it cool
  • Now it was time to varnish it and bake it again.
Chinese symbol for courage
Chinese symbol for courage

Looking through my stats I discovered that a lot of people are searching for the chinese symbol for courage. A search on google wasn’t very impressive. So here is a link to the chinese picture for courage. To download it directly, right click on the link and select ‘save target as’.

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