Painting With Polymer Clay on CD – Quilt Designs

Painting with polymer clay on CD - Quilt 1
Painting with polymer clay on CD – Quilt 1

My next experiment was creating a quilt design with polymer clay on the CD. I had received some polymer clay for Christmas and was anxious to try it out.

I found a quilt pattern I liked and played around with the colors in my graphics program and once I liked it I printed it out as a guide. This resulted in this design

  • I conditioned the clay, rolled it out with the pasta machine and then used popsicle sticks as template to cut straight pieces. It hadn’t occurred to me then that I could use the wider cutting setting of the pasta machine.
  • I marked the center of the CD and started to lay out my design according to my printed pattern. Once the CD was covered it drew some fake stitching on the clay and then baked it, let it cool and then varnished it and backed it again.

I like the result.

Painting with polymer clay on CD - Quilt 2
Painting with polymer clay on CD – Quilt 2

I did the same thing for my 2nd CD quilt experimenting again with a different way of doing it.

  • I cut a 3/4 inch square from card board as my template and the laid out the quilt on the CD. This time I covered the CD first with tacky glue. I have no idea if this will make a difference with the adherence of the clay in the long run, I just wanted to make sure that it stuck to it.



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