Painting With Polymer Clay On CD – Valentine

Polymer clay paint
Polymer clay paint strips

My next experiment painting with polymer clay came when I purchased a pasta machine to condition the clay. As it is a a regular pasta machine it has also the option to cut the pasta into different widths. So I decided to cut the clay into small strips and use that as my paint.

How I Did It

  • First I printed out the design, this time it is a picture that my son made for his girlfriend last Valentine’s Day, and glued it to the CD.
  • Next I conditioned the clay and rolled it out at setting 3 otherwise it was to thin and broke to easily.
  • Then I rolled it through the narrow pasta cutting setting and ended up with the strips above
  • Now came the painting part by applying individual strips next to each other and cutting them to size with an exacto knife.
  • Depending on how I smoothed out the individual strips the look of the design changed.
  • Once I was done I backed the whole thing for the recommended time and then coated it with varnish and backed it a second time.

I think it turned out quite ok and my son and his girlfriend are very pleased with their gift.

Polymer Clay Painting on CD - Valentine 1
Polymer Clay Painting on CD – Valentine started

Polymer Clay Painting on CD - Valentine 2
Polymer Clay Painting on CD – Valentine finished

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