Painting With Polymer Clay On CDs – 2 Cats

Painting with polymer clay on CDs - 2 cats
Painting with polymer clay on CDs – 2 cats

In the fall of 2001 I got involved with polymer clay. So when it was time to make Christmas gifts I had the idea of using CDs as canvas and polymer clay as the paint. The 2 cats is my first attempt.

  • I picked a design (stained glass designs work really well)
  • I printed out the design on paper and cut it out.
  • Then I used the cut out pieces as templates and placed them on top of the rolled out polymer clay and cut around it with an exacto knife
  • Next I put the pieces back together, made sure they made good contact with each other
  • and texturized parts of the design
  • I baked it at the recommended temperature for the clay and let it cool off
  • Finally I coated it with waterbased Flecto Varathane varnish and backed it again at 250°F for about 15 minutes.

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