Painting With Polymer Clay On CDs – Santa

Polymer Clay painted Santa on CD

Polymer Clay painted Santa on CD

My Santa painting came about as a gift for our neighbors to hang on their Christmas tree.

My next experiment came when I purchased a pasta machine to condition the clay. As it is a a regular pasta machine it has also the option to cut the pasta into different widths. So I decided to cut the clay into wide strips and use that as my paint.

  • I picked a stained glass design of a Santa
  • Printed it out on paper and cut it out to fit the CDs and glued it on to it
  • Then I used the wide ribbon cutting setting on my pasta machine to cut the clay
  • Then I used the strips as paint and placed them onto the design glued onto the CD
  • To finish the picture I used skinner blend canes as a border
  • Then I baked it according to the clay’s directions and let it cool
  • To make it shiny I used waterbased Flecto Varathane varnish and backed it again at 250°F for about 15 minutes.

I would say this is a very different looking ornament

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