Paper Embroidery Owls from Simple Graphics

original posting date – February 25/2008

Never one to be satisfied with simple designs, I just had to experiment with creating my own templates. As paper embroidery templates have the needle piercing marks I thought it would be easy to take a simple graphic or create one and then use the ‘stroke’ option in Photoshop for the piercing marks. All I had to figure out how far apart I had to make the marks. Eventually I found that setting the brush spacing to 600-750% gave me the right amount of spacing for a brush size of about 5 points.

Next I had the idea that I could put a background behind the design and then print it out on the front of the paper, rather than on the back as I usually do with only the dots.

Lately I have come across owls for various projects and decided that it was an easy shape to create. Here are my first 2 results. For the first one I forgot to block out the owl shape on the tree then I redid the design again with the owl body blocking the background. I like both, but maybe my first one a little more.

Once the designs are embroidered I glue them to old CDs.


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