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    I love to create things. I started early, probably Grade 1 with paper and then with whatever I happened to find around the house. At school I learned knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, woodwork and metal work. Now with the Internet I have expanded even more learning whatever my attention was drawn to at the moment. I am happy to share my creations and tips I discovered making them.

Fabric – Paper – Tinfoil – Contact Paper Angel Ornament

I went through a period where I was making these little angle ornaments. I tried all different materials. The template to make your own angels is at the bottom of this post and the instructions on how to put them together are [here].

Fabric Angel

red angel girl - front

red angel girl – front

red angel - backside

red angel – backside

angel boy

angel boy

angel boy - version 2

angel boy – version 2

I fused fabric to cardboard to create these angels. You only need little scraps of fabric. For some angels I used felt as hair and for others you can use unraveled wool.

Paper Angel

paper angel

paper angel

For this angel is wanted to see if I could do it with only craft paper. It worked just great. So this way it is a project that mom’s can do with their children. I have a paper crimper and used it on the hair and dress to give it dimension. I imagine that flower pictures from a catalog would also make wonderful clothes.

Tinfoil Angel

tinfoil angel

tinfoil angel

This one was very easy to make. I only cut one body piece and no back piece for the hair. I used decoupage glue and glued the cut out parts onto crumpled tinfoil. When it is dry, cut out within about 1/8 of an inch of the shape. Gently fold tinfoil to the back of the piece. Now put glue on the seond side and put onto crumpled tinfoil. Assemble like the other angels.

Contact Paper Angel

contact paper boy angel

contact paper boy angel

As I was continuing with my experiments I found some contact paper that was mostly skin colored with a few pattern. Now how to put it together was a different story. So I decided they would look lovely on a CD.

Angel Pattern

angel pattern

angel pattern

Download the free pattern as PDF and print at 100%.

(Angels originally created in 1998 by Marlies Cohen)



  1. Do you have any pictures of your tinfoil angels. I have a an who loves angels. Is there a pattern I can buy with pictures?

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