Pendant Made from Safety-pins

Pendant Made from Safety-pins

safetypin pendant
safetypin pendant

I came a cross a pendant made with safety-pins and just had to see if I could make one myself.

I looked through my craft stash and found that I already had all the materials to experiment.I’ve created this native looking pendant with small, gold colored safety pins and threaded 3 beads on each pin. Tied the pins in a round and then added bigger beads between each pin to make it lie flat.

This is a very simple pendant to make and does not take long. Dollar stores sell safety-pin and beads cheap. This is a great way to get started until you know what you are doing.


  • 20 safety-pins
  • beads
  • button
  • string, twine, beading thread or dental floss
  • jump ring
  • wool (optional) for the back


back of safetypin pendant
back of safetypin pendant
  • Thread 3 beads on the open pin. Then close the pin then arrange them in a pleasing pattern
  • Next string the eyes of the pins on a piece of strong twine, beading thread or dental floss.
  • Make sure the 2 ends of the string are tied securely together.
  • Now take another piece of string and thread through the outside end of the safety-pins with beads in between each pin.
  • The number of beads depends on the size of the beads. The idea is to have the pendant lie flat.
  • The ends of the string are again tied securely together.
  • Now it looks like a pendant, but there is a hole in the middle. If you like it like this attach a jump ring through one pinhead so that a necklace can be threaded through.
  • I didn’t like it with the hole in the middle and looked for a matching button which I then sewed in the center. (I’ve tried to glue it in place, but it fell out).
  • To make a really nice back, I’ve woven thread through the back of the pendant, over and under the wire of the safety-pins. This way it will not snag on clothing.


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