Polymer Clay Tooth Fairy

Polymer Clay Tooth Fairy v2

Tooth Fairy #1

My dentist appointment was approaching and I was playing around with polymer clay when I got that great idea to make a tooth fairy.

Now creating figures is totally new for me. So this first fairy is a little crude.

Tooth Fairy #2

  • I had to place the tooth fairy on something to sit, but what? It was going to be a tooth fairy after all so why not use a tooth to sit her on.
  • I made a tooth out of cardboard and covered it with white clay.
  • Then I followed instructions on how to create figure from a book. The book is called How to Make Clay Characters by Maureen Carlson.
  • Next I dressed the figure in polymer clay clothes.
  • I found a mold of a tooth in my children’s crafts items and used a small star cutter to create a star for the top of her wand.
  • The wings are made from a heart that I cut out with a cookie cutter.
  • For the eyes I used small black beads.
  • The hair is made from small spaghetti. I ran the clay through the thin cutting setting on my pasta machine and arranged the strands on her head like curly hair.


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