How Do You Store Your Immersion Blender?

immersion blender in mushroom container
immersion blender stored in mushroom caps container
immersion blender

Storing an immersion blender is a pain.

I use mine at least 3 times while making breakfast. So, I need easy access and it has to look pretty.

After my kitchen reno, I was at a loss as how to store it. I used to put it into an long black empty plastic mushroom cap container. It took up a lot of space and did not look good.

Coming up with a new idea was like pulling a rabbit out of hat that did not have a rabbit in it.

One day as I was walking up and down the aisles in the Dollar store the idea just hit me. In the summer aisle there was a dual metal bucket in bright green. This was it. Each half of the blender would fit into a bucket.

blender in buckets
I found a solution

After putting the blender parts into the buckets, I realized that metal on metal was not the best idea. I searched through my packaging materials and found some 3-5mm thick foam sheet. I cut 2 circle from a foam sheet to fit in the bottom of each bucket. Great it worked.

Problem: the motor part still kept on falling to the side.
Solution: cut 2 more foam sheet circles and then turn them into donuts by cutting out a center circle.

My new setup is pretty and very practical.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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