2018 Dodecahedron Cube Calendars Are Ready!


Create your own Dodecahedron Cube Calendar by printing the design on heavy paper, cut it out and glue it together. I create these every year and always get more requests and email asking if the ones for the upcoming year are ready. Yes, they are…

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Dodecahedron Cube Calendar Assembly

In 2005 I discovered 12 sided Dodecaheron Cube Calendars and have been making them every year. Putting It All Together I found the easiest way to glue the cube was with the glue gun as the glue stuck immediately, it just took too long for…

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12 Sided Dodecahedron Cube Calendar

In 2005 I came across this website: http://www.ii.uib.no/~arntzen/kalender/and made the dodecahedron calendar cube and used it. Update On my wanderings around the web I came across this site where you can create a world globe with the same design as the calendar. Here is another…

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