Unique Handmade Envelopes

Unique Handmade Envelopes

Make your own unique recycled envelopes from catalogs, calendars, magazine pages or maps.
Minimum image size needed is 10×8 inches, but preferred is 11×8.5 inches.

handmade recycled envelopes

Download the PDF template here: handmade recycled envelopes instructions

  • Print the black and white template on the second page of the PDF file on 11×8.5 inch paper or cardboard at 100%
  • As printers usually don’t print to the edge of the page, extend the lines by drawing them in by hand once the template is printed
  • Cut out the cardboard template or glue the paper onto a piece of cardboard
  • Place template on the image you want to use for the envelope. If the paper is slightly smaller than the template (10×8 inches), center it on the paper. It will still work.
  • Draw around the template or hold it in place and cut around it
  • Turn the cut out envelope over, so that it is face side down
  • Fold the 2 side flaps toward the center and crease
  • Fold the bottom back flap up and crease
  • Fold the top back flap down toward the bottom back flap and crease
  • Put glue on the left and right side on the underside of the bottom back flap and fold up over the side flaps to make the envelope pocket
  • This envelope has to be sealed with glue

Ready made envelopes are for sale
at my online store: shop.mcuniverse.com


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