Video Tape Inukshuk

Video Tape Inukshuk

my video tape inukshuk
my video tape inukshuk

Living in Canada where the Inukshuk is a symbol of the North, it was only natural to create a Inukshuk out of something different than the usual rock.

Having discovered that I had a whole bunch of video tapes that were ancient I needed something to do with them and the idea of creating an Inukshuk out of them was born 2005.

Here is the definition of an Inukshuk from

An inukshuk (Inuktitutinuksuk / plural inuksuit ) is a stone landmark used as a milestone or directional marker by the Inuit of theCanadian Arctic. Inuksuit differ from cairns in significance. The Arctic Circle, dominated by permafrost, has few natural landmarks and thus the inukshuk was central to navigation across the barren tundra.

Inuksuit vary in shape and size, and perform a diverse array of tasks. The word inuksuk means something which acts for or performs the function of a human. It is a symbol with deep roots in the Inuit culture, a directional marker that signifies safety, hope and friendship.

I used 15 video tapes to create my Inukshuk.



Download the full instructions as a PDF file



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